Every time we are asked to describe the nature of the ceremonies, our attempted descriptions utterly fail to capture just how profound and life-changing they are. Ceremony must be experienced first hand to have any level of understanding, so we will not attempt to describe them here. If you feel a calling to ceremony, that is all that is necessary, along with a little courage, curiosity, and willingness to experience the most life-changing process for self-healing available on Earth. We always explain much more about the medicines themselves during the actual ceremonies and there is no need to do any research. In fact, we suggest the opposite as much of the information and accounts of ceremony that are widely circulating in the public sphere are largely inaccurate and will not be at all representative of your individual experience. For now it is sufficient to know that the plants we work with are master teachers that help us to heal on every level—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Our philosophy