karmacounsel.org is leading the way in providing socially responsible legal assistance to all people. We offer sliding scale fees. donation-based options, and free advice to those without means. All profits from karmacounsel.org are donated to charitable works. We are currently providing what we believe to be the most critical of services to those with the most need.

Socially Responsible Companies

Companies need to understand where their exorbitant legal fees are going. In most cases, they are going to the high overhead supporting that fancy office building and then to individual partners’ bank accounts. While there is nothing wrong with generating wealth, karmacounsel.org’s philosophy is that wealth should be put back into society for the greater good. For corporate clients desiring socially responsible and ethically-based legal representation, karmacounsel.org can handle issues ranging from corporate litigation, business transactions, intellectual property, insolvency, internet and technology issues, and international issues.

Help for Artists

Artists, who make our world vibrant and culturally rich, are often left without the resources to protect themselves. We want to fix that. If you are an artist, writer, photographer, actor, musician, DJ, yoga teacher, or other creative individual living or working in California or Arizona please consider contacting us about your legal needs.

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Bankruptcy: California & Arizona

We also offer bankruptcy help to individuals living in Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona. We can pair you with an attorney to review or draft your papers, answer your legal questions or take on full representation of your case.

Visit our Bankruptcy Help Page


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As we grow our network of attorneys and identify areas of critical need, we will expand our offerings of donation based legal services. If you have a specific need, please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire if we can put you in touch with an attorney willing to help.

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