Photo by Darren Stevenson

Amanda Manfredi is a Phoenix-based artist whose mandala pieces are featured below. “Artist” is just one of her many labels: she is also an exceptionally talented photographer, yogini and social media consultant.

Amanda’s website Peace, Love, Yoga, Art provides information on how to purchase her art, her class schedule and accolades.

"We usually resist change out of fear or stubbornness, so to embrace a practice of accepting and even welcoming change is to liberate one’s self from a form of suffering."

I’ve begun to learn that I can trust myself, which is a little like waking up one day and finding that you have an extra limb.

"Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything is constantly changing. The community we’ve created together is changing today, but I invite you to see it as an evolution into something greater."

Had I called upon my breath to wash away my clamoring thoughts, I would have been left with just my voice. Breathe. Everything else will unfold exactly as is should.

Her contact information is the following:

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