There’s a beautiful scene in the movie, “Up in the Air,” in which George Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham, is laying off a corporate employee. Clooney says to the worker, “You know why kids love athletes? It’s because they follow their dreams. It says on your resume that you majored in French culinary arts… then you get out of college to come work here. How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?”

The scene exemplifies the unfortunate reality that somewhere along the way, many of us trade our inner ambitions for job security (and if we’re lucky, health insurance). But such jobs are usually many shades paler than what we desire; they don’t begin to skim the surface of our potential. Artists, however, never quite give up that inner need for creation imbued in us as kids. We want to honor that brave creativity borne by artists in Karma Counsel’s representing cities.

If you are an artist in Phoenix, Arizona or Los Angeles, California, we would love to promote your work. We welcome all mediums: watercolor, oil, sculpture, graphic design, etc. (Don’t worry–you retain all rights to the works displayed on the site!) Thanks for making the world a more colorful/inflammatory/touching/quirky/ironic/interesting place to live.

Hamid’s attempt at reclaiming his inner artist.

Catherine’s own (paltry) attempt at reclaiming her inner artist.


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