This site is ever evolving into a canvas for the sharing of knowledge and building community. I originally started this website to be a hub for connecting clients with lawyers willing to work on a donation basis. As I spread the word of the site and tried to get other lawyers to join, I realized we still have a long way to go in the legal community in convincing lawyers that donation-based cases make sense for both the client and the attorney. Undeterred, I took many cases that came through the website from 2011-2013. Some clients got it and others did not, but I felt 100% fulfilled in sharing my time and energy without any desire for profit.

When I shifted back into a law firm environment in the fall of 2013, I stopped taking cases through this website. It will now start to transition organically into whatever purpose it is meant to serve next. If you have ideas you wish to share or something to contribute, please get in touch.

~ Hamid





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