Welcome to karmacounsel.org’s resource page! We wish we could offer you a chai latte while you peruse the virtual library here, but we still hope you make yourself at home while you find what you’re looking for.

To throw in a bit of the mandatory legalese (sorry, sorry… jut getting it out of the way), we’ll remind you that none of the resources below constitutes legal advice. But hey, that’s what the “contact” button at the top of the page is for! If you still have questions, we welcome you to click it and drop us a line.

Resources for Artists

Copyright for Collage Artists: Sarah Ovenall does a pretty nice job of discussing weighty legal issues many artists face such as derivative works, trademarks and fair use.

The United States Copyright Office: We know any address ending in .gov isn’t exactly the bastion of clarity. But in the event that you want to protect your hit movie from getting sold as copies for $2 on the black market in Bangladesh, it doesn’t hurt to know the nitty gritty details of your rights as an artist.

Harvard Law School’s ‘Art Law’ Page: This page provides resources on a number of issues such as use of satire and moral rights. And in case you ever wanted to know what the fancy phrase ‘droit de suite’ means and how it might apply to you, well… here you go. Have fun dropping the line while holding a good glass of Syrah at your next dinner party, too. We will.

UW-Madison Art Department’s “Tax and Tax Deductions” article: Tax may not be a legal issue per se…until you get in trouble with Uncle Sam for not paying them. If you’re wondering whether the meal you ate in New York City for your gallery opening is tax deductible, this article provides some clarity.

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